Solution guide for problems with google mail

Why do i‘m not getting any results on my google account any more?
Here's a quick Solution Guide if you are on Gmail spam blacklist and
how to change this.

Solution Guide  (PDF 684 KB)

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Realtime PCR: Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola

A realtime PCR for the detection of Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola is now available at Laboklin.
Ophidiomyces (formerly Chrysosporium) ophiodiicola is a causative agent of snake fungal disease. Infections with O. ophiodiicola are associated with skin lesions, pustules, nodules and swelling of the skin. Lesions are primarily occur on the head, but can also spread to the whole body.

Sample material: dry swab (skin), tissue (skin)


Realtime PCR: Bovine Coronavirus (BCoV)

A realtime PCR for the direct detection of bovine coronaviruses is now available at Laboklin. BCoV cause enteric and respiratory infections in cattle and wild ruminants: calf diarrhoea, winter dysentery in adults, and respiratory diseases in cattle of different ages.

Sample material: feaces, swab without medium (nose), tissue (lung)



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