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Newsletter 04/2015

Newsletter 04/2015 (178KB)Newsletter 04/2015 

- Hereditary skin diseases in dogs

  Hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK)
  Dry eye and curly coat syndrome
- Progressive retinal atrophy in cats 


vom 18.08.2015

Newsletter 03/2015

Newsletter 03/2015- Dandy-Walker-Like Malformation (DWLM) in Eurasians
- Lagotto storage disease (LSD) in the Lagotto Romagnolo
- Hereditary Ataxia in the Bobtail
- Fanconi syndrome* in Basenjis
- Adult Onset Neuropathy (AON)*
   in the English Cocker Spaniel and Field Spaniel
- “Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy”
   (JLPP)* in the Black Russian Terrier and Rottweiler
- New for the cats  

vom 28.05.2015

Newsletter 02/2015

Newsletter 02/2015-  Ichthyosis in Golden Retrievers 
- Synopsis of the VDH Dog Health Work-shop 
- Change in our prices as of March 1st 2015 
- Finally, that which belongs together is together 
- Spring is coming - what you should be thinking about now



vom 27.03.2015


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