Testpanels Coat Colours and Coat Length

Coat colours

Below please find an overview of the tests we offer, for more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dog top

Coat colour " "dog ""(general information)

A-locus " "(Agouti) ""all breed

B-locus " "(coat colour brown, chocolate, ...) ""all breed

D-locus " "(coat variation dilution) ""all breed

E-locus " "(coat colour yellow, lemon, red, cream, apricot) "" all breed

EG-locus " "(domino, grizzle) ""in Afghan hound and Saluki

EH-locus " "(sable) ""in Cocker Spaniel

EM-locus " "(melanistic mask) ""all breed

K-locus and K-locus brindle* ""all breed

S-lokus* " "(piebald, white spotted) ""all breed

Coat length " "(long- / short-haired) ""all breed

Curly coat ""all breed

Furnishing ""all breed " "(improper coat in Portugese Waterdog)

Hairlessness " "Chinese Crested Dog, Mexican Hairless Dog and Peruan Hairless Dog

Cat top

Coat colour " "cats ""(general information)

Coat colour agouti ""(all breed)

Coat colour amber ""(in Norwegian Forest Cat)

Coat colour chocolate ""(all breed)

Coat colour cinnamon ""(all breed)

Coat colour variation Burma " "(point) ""(all breed)

Coat colour variation Siam " "(point) ""(all breed except Bengal)

Coat colour variation dilution ""(all breed)

Coat length " "(long- or short-haired) ""(all breed)

Horse top

Coat Colour " "horse ""(general information)

Agouti ""(all breed)

Camarillo White - W4* ""(all breed)

Champagne ""(all breed)

Cream ""(all breed)

Dominant white* " "GQ Santana dominant white W10 ""(all breed)

Dun* ""(all breed)

Greying ""(all breed)

Leopard complex ""(all breed)

Pearl* ""(all breed)

Red factor ""(all breed)

Roan* ""(all breed)

Sabino-1 ""(all breed)

Silver ""(all breed)

Splashed white* ""(all breed)

Tobiano ""(all breed)

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